About us

Hi, my name is Lara and my husband is Lars (no we didn't plan that lol) and we own Skærven in Nyborg. We are both entrepreneurs at heart.  I am have a masters in opera performance, am a classically trained and professional soprano and my husband is a business guy with a masters in business and engineering. We have 3 teenagers now 14, 15 and 18 years of age. We both have jobs on the side but fell into this business by first renting the ground floor of our home through Airbnb. It quickly developed into something amazing. We acquired Skærven almost 3 years ago now and have loved every moment of it.  Welcoming people from all over the world is such a gratifying experience for us.


We are located just off the E20 and are very easily accessible

Skærven is a work in progress and is going through a slow renovation since it is just my husband and I doing all the work. There will be changes each time you come visit us.

You may hear some noise from the highway depending on the direction of the wind but it quickly becomes background noise and it is unnoticeable when you are in the apartments and in the house. If you are very sensitive to sounds it may be best if you choose a different location. The Nyborg community received a grant to put a sound barrier up and to repave the freeway so soon the freeway traffic noise should be greatly diminished soon.


No smoking except in designated areas (1000 kr fine for smoking where you aren't supposed to and or throwing cigarrete butts on the ground. 

No moving of furniture

Be respectful of other guests quiet hours are from 11pm-9am